Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello my tiny abandoned blog! I promise soon you will be not-so-abandoned, but to tide you over here is some exciting news from the land of guerilla publishing!

(text shamelessly stolen from Erinna, a bloo bloo bloo etc)

Books 1,2&3 of the Wolfhouse series

Ok, this is a PDF of the first three Wolfhouse books. They come out in print in early October, so this is an excellent chance to aquaint yourself with what is the best YA novels I have read for years.

And then buy the print because fuuuuck yeaaaah.

You want books about teens who are something other then straight, white, and their only flaw is being too perfect?
These are for you.

You like your vampires blood drinking, suave, charming, dorky and occasionally creepy as all fuck? These are for you.

You want punks, fags, geeks, prom queens, scensters, musicians and groupies to punch on with the undead? These books are for you.

These books were written by Mary Borsellino and the cover art is by Audrey Fox (a.k.a. me), and you can find the official site for the series here, and there's a virtual tip jar if you want to chuck the starving rwriter a few coins. (Erinna made her put it up there last time she was like TAKE MY BOOKS FOR FREEEEE ;__;)

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